Coming to food we would have forget about junk Food Now a Days due to Lock down our New Habit Formation is Done because it might be any habit it will take 21 days to change.

Now we got Time to change our habit!

People who were Drinking or smoking Now this is the Great opportunity to change old habit to New habit.

Many of them would have started practicing GYM in home. I think you will Not go for GYM centre after this Lock down, you will create your GYM in your home itself .

At present we would have suffered lot to bring vegetables and fruits to our home. After this Lock down people might change and they will try to cultivate Terrace Farming.

People will grow by themselves and eat by themselves!

So, people will get organic Food and will save health and money!

Thank you..



Technology Revolution

Because of Lockdown Now, Trial Version is Going on what is that! you can see many of them are Now working from Home. If you think from company side or Perspective according to them work from Home before Not allowed After this Trial they will change their Mindset. Now, they will think that why I need give Table, chair, Ac, Rent paid by company etc. If people working from Home this all Expenses Saved so company can increase their  Profits.

In future Work from Home will be Common and even you can work for U.S.A from your Home.

IN upcoming days PVR will fall How?

We are using Internet where you are watching Netflix, Amazon Prime After few days even our New Movie will be directly Released through Netflix, Amazon Prime.

Online Delivery is going to change In upcoming days drones is going to deliver our Products from Amazon or Flipkart.

In this Lock down we are going to Learn How to be Alone If not you are feared to Live with yourself. You will Learn using Technology How to stay at Home.

 When you are Alone you will Learn about yourself Eg: you will aware this SWOT analysis

S-  Strengths

W- weaknesses

O-  opportunities

T-  Threats

Thank you..



Global Lockdown Freedom

Everything is not Lockdown will Prove..

Sun is Not Lockdown

Season is Not Lockdown

Relationships are Not Lockdown

Love is Not Lockdown

Reading is Not Lockdown

Learning is Not Lockdown

Music is Not Lockdown

Devotion is Not Lockdown

Imagination is Not Lockdown

Creativity is Not Lockdown

Conversations are Not Lockdown

Kindness is Not Lockdown

Hope is Not Lockdown

Everything is Not Lockdown it’s all in our Brain how we see Let’s turn this Crisis into Biggest opportunity of humanity.

I think after this Lockdown Revolution will happen and we to Need utilize this Time for Productive Purpose or To Develop New Skills.

If you use this Time many innovation will happen so, that our country will Develop in Advance.


Thank you..




Economy means

Eg:  Rs.100 you would have received as a salary or Return on investment or By doing Business. Now you have Rs.100 and you are going to Purchase some Fruits, Vegetables, Biscuits, Chocolates. Again your Rs.100 will be received by vegetable vendor and This vendor or seller will be purchasing his Needs and wants.

If suppose you are Not receiving Rs.100 Then what happens it’s simple you would have not Purchasing Vegetables, Fruits, Biscuits or Chocolates Now, The Vendor will  Not get Rs.100 and he will not fulfilling his Needs and wants.

  • If the Rs.100 is not Transferring from one Person to another Person and This Lead to Economy Crisis.
  • If the same Rs.100 is Transferring slowly means Economy Slowdown.

Economy Slowdown means

Suppose your salary is Delayed you will Purchase Fruits, Vegetables, Biscuits or Chocolates will be Delayed, If the same Thing happens to Every People Then it is Economy Slowdown.

Transfer of Money From one Person to another Person Became Slow.

Economy Crisis

Again This Time you will Not receive Rs.100  and you Cannot Buy Fruits, Vegetables, Biscuits or Chocolates Even vendor or seller will not receive Money

If Every People are Not receiving Money at a Time Then it might Lead to Economy Crisis No Money, No Food, No Job (This Lead to Big Problem in a country)

You are Riding Cycle Continuously Some Obstacle comes and you will apply Break that is Economy Slowdown and Again one more Big Obstacle Comes This Time you will apply Break the Cycle will STOP mean Economy Crisis. Now, You Need to Start Riding your Cycle But initially You Need Put Lot of Efforts Similarly Our Economy.

No Need to worry Our Economy will Recover But It takes TIME

 Ready To Face This Problem

To Solve this Problem you Need to help Each other If Not it’s Very Difficult and Economy Problem will Become More complicated.

Thank You..



Life expecting from you

usually some plan done by us sometimes it might going to failure.

After failure taking place we might be depressed but you will realize Later why it failed.

If you observe after few days you come to know it happened
For good thing.

If we do good definitely your heart will be happy it might
Be any situation you need to have faith in it more than enought.

Failure teach you more rather than success.

But one thing No one knows whether I’m going to success, Than they have faith in It.

In your journey you have success or not but you have pleasure.

If you have more failure God is training you to success something Big.

Eg:- To give shape to the iron you need fire in a similar manner You need failures to give shape to your life..

Understand before Reaction

IN today’s life we don’t have proper understanding.

Due to many problems are created.

Alone we don’t go anywhere we need people.

Suppose you are visiting to the mall or some Other place we won’t be happy by seeing beauty Of the mall or something.

Tree doesn’t stand alone many leafs joined together in a single tree.

Here you can see every leaf join together to express beauty of It.

If you need to express beauty or happiness you need relationship..

Thank you

Note: Understand and feel then you know value.